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The following events occured in the 1950s:


Behind the scenes[]

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  • December 18, 1950: Su Elliot, portrayer of a worker in Booth's Bookmakers, is born.
  • June 2, 1953: Keith Allen, portrayer of Dave 'Mouse Ear' Smith, is born in Llanelli, Wales.
  • 1957: Huggy Leaver, portrayer of a poker player in A Little Flutter, is born.
  • Febuary 10, 1959: Rupert Vansittart, portrayer of an unidentified customer who inquired about some leather-bound books in the episode, Cooking the Books, is born.
  • 1959: Arthur Mathews, co-writer of the episode The Fixer, is born in Co. Meath, Ireland.
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