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Inspector Barry Norris is a policeman who, with the help of Manny Bianco, helped to arrest Nogsy in 2000. Despite the fact that Manny was posing as a policeman after a case of mistaken identity, Norris thought that Manny was the best policeman he had ever met.

Biography Edit

Norris joined the police force around 1980. In 2000, he asked Manny Bianco to sit in on an interview with the renowned criminal, Nogsy. However, Norris was unaware of the fact that Manny was not a real policeman, and was brought to the police station after a case of mistaken identity.

Nogsy was hugely confused by Manny's bizarre style of questioning. Norris took Manny aside and told him that he thought Nogsy was getting nervous, and that he was going to leave Manny alone to deal with the case. Manny was left alone with Nogsy, where he admitted that he wasn't a real policeman. Nogsy was so startled by Manny's suddden confession, he told the other policemen that he had commited the crime and was sent to prison. An amazed Norris returned and told Manny that he was the best policeman he had ever met. After feeding Norris a false story of resignation, Manny left the station and returned back to Black Books.

Etymology Edit

  • Barry is a both a masculine and a feminine given name of Irish origin, and translates to 'fair-haired'.
  • Norris is a surname of Old French origin, and means 'northerner'.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Barry Norris was portrayed by Colin McFarlane.

Appearances Edit

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