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Becky, played by Lucy Davis, was a friend of Fran Katzenjammer. In 2004, Becky was to get married to her fiance, Mark. However, on her hen night, Fran revealed accidentally on purpose that her other friends Tanya and Clare had a threesome with Mark on the night on their school reunion. This prompted Becky to call off the wedding and fell out with Fran, Tanya and Clare.


Early Life[]

Becky attended school with Fran, Tanya and Clare. At some point in her life, Becky met Mark and fell in love with him. By 2004, they were engaged to be married.

Hen night[]

On the night before her wedding, Becky had a hen night in a country house, along with her school friends. They were having a great time drinking and dancing to the music of Banarama. Fran was determined that Becky would enjoy herself as part of a bet she had with Bernard. After a while, Becky was getting tired and didn't want any more drinks. Fran then got them to play a game of 'Truth', where she started telling malicious rumours about her friends. This caused Becky, along with Tanya and Clare, to accuse Fran of being jealous. They laughed at when they used to call Fran 'Auntie Millicent', as they knew she would become a lonely spinster, while they have prospered with their lives. Becky proudly stated she was getting married. Fran then revealed that Tanya and Clare had a threesome with Mark on the night of their school reunion. Becky was crushed upon hearing this. She hated Tanya and Clare for having betrayed her, but was also angry with Fran for spoiling her night. The next morning, the weding was cancelled, and the former friends went away in four separate taxis. Fran was pleased with herself, as she did not need to buy a wedding present for Becky and Mark.


Becky seemed to be an easy going, fun loving, young woman, who was willing to enjoy her hen night. However, she became tired with Fran trying to force her to enjoy herself. Becky is a rather sensitive person, as she was crushed at her friends having betrayed her. She sounded quite girly when she was upset and was also angry at her former friends.

Physical Description[]

Becky is a small woman in her early 30s with blonde hair.


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