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Episode No.




Original airdate

Friday, March 22, 2002

  • Bernard and Manny's tally of the amount of creatures they had killed
  • A drawing of a kettle of coffee
Cast and crew information
  • Dylan Moran
  • Kevin Cecil
  • Andy Riley
  • Martin Dennis
  • Karen Beever
  • William Burdett-Coutts
  • Nira Park
Main cast
  • Dylan Moran
  • Bill Bailey
  • Tamsin Greig
Guest stars
  • Diana Hull as Grandma
  • Mark Donovan as Gregor
  • Louise Winstone as Martina
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Frederic
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Blood is the fourth episode of the second series of the British sitcom, Black Books. The episode was originally aired on March 22, 2002. The script was originally written by Dylan Moran, Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley and was directed by Martin Dennis.

Plot synopsis[]

Manny Bianco (Bill Bailey) decides to go out and get some paint to rennovate the bookshop, Black Books. On his way, he is subliminally guided towards the popular bookstore Saga Books. When he arrives back at the shop, he is inspired to rennovate Black Books using Saga Books as a template. When Bernard Black {Dylan Moran} discovers what Manny has done, he is extremely angry and abuses the shop's new found customers.

Meanwhile, Fran Katzenjammer (Tamsin Greig) has been researching her family tree, and has discovered that she has relatives living in the local area, and decides to play them a visit. There, she is asked to help Martina move into a new flat and to collect some ham. Due to having just met them and wanting to make a good impression, Fran agrees. However, when her family start asking for more and more favours, Fran soon becomes under pressure.

Meanwhile, Bernard has begun to like the increased amount of money he is getting due to the large amount of customers in the shop, and decides to convert the shop into a restraunt. However, as both he and Manny are inexperienced chefs, their food is attrotious and they are forced to serve food on recipe books.

Meanwhile, Fran is trying desperately to get rid of her newfound relatives, however, despite the fact that she has gone against everything they had said, they still do not leave her alone, and insist on her bringing them to Bernard and Manny's new restaurant However, the restaurant has poisoned all of its guests, including Fran and her family. However, Fran hatches a plan to get rid of them once and for all, and sets her car alight, making her incapable of driving around any more.

Running gags[]

  • A running gag throughout the episode is the mysterious, unseen creatures who roam the shop. Bernard and Manny have a competition to see who can kill the most.

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