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Blue Tunes is a 2001 film starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver. The film tells the story of Leonard Blue, a grouchy shop owner who runs a record shop with moustachioed halfwit assistant Danny, who join up with neurotic neighbour Pam. The film was showing in cinemas in Bloomsbury on November 11, 2001, however Bernard Black, Manny Bianco and Fran Katzenjammer refused to see the film after reading a review in the newspaper.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Blue Tunes makes a striking resemblence to Black Books. Leonard Blue and Bernard Black both have a colour as a surname and are both grouchy and unsociable, Danny and Manny Bianco have similar sounding names and both have facial hair, and Pam and Fran have similar sounding names and are both neurotic. Blue Tunes is also similar to Bernard's bookshop, Black Books.