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Booth's Bookmakers
Location information

Bloomsbury, London

  • Unidentified Booth's Bookmakers worker
  • Pat
Opened in

Before or during 2004



Booth's Bookmakers is a bookmakers located in Bloomsbury, London. It attracts a large range of betters, including Martin and Bernard Black. The interior of the building includes many small televisions located around the walls showing vaious horse races, and a stall at the side of the shop where betters give in their betting forms to the staff. It specialises in the betting of horse racing, however, it is likely that it allows betters to bet on other sporting events.

Known workers[]

  • Unidenified Booth's Bookmakers worker: The main worker in the shop. She took many bets from Bernard Black, who thought he could determine whether he had made the right decision or not by the look on her face.
  • Pat: Another worker in the shop. She was briefly mentioned by Bernard Black, who asked if the two workers could have a race in the shop, while he betted on the outcome.