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Evan, played by Simon Pegg is the manager of Goliath Books, a modern bookshop situated directly next to Bernard Black's shop, Black Books. Even before it has opened, the shop creates trouble for Bernard, as the endless construction work aggravates him enough to take a holiday.

Personality Edit

Evan is a condescending control freak with an obsessive cleaning disorder. He dislikes Manny's choice of clothing - especially his sandals - and tries to force him to shave his hair. He describes Manny's a hair as "a wall between you and me . . . the customers . . . the future."

Evan uses the doo-dee-doo-doo cards to scan his staff's retinas and monitor their toilet visits. When asked why, he replies: "I like to think it shows that we care."

Evan also has an obsession with teamwork and constantly uses metaphors to highlight his points, although he frequently contradicts himself. He compares the staff to a football team to convince Manny to dress like them. When Manny creates a name for himself in the shop computer (Surf King) Evan changes it to Team Member No. 8.

Eventually, Evan's reliance on technology backfires on him. The doo-dee-doo-doo machine malfunction, causing all the electric appliances to go berserk. One of the security cameras falls on Evan's head, knocking him out. However, it should be noted that the machine wouldn't have malfunctioned if Manny hadn't clogged it with muffin crumbs, something Evan constantly advised him against.


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