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"The legendary, famously charming, Jason Hamilton"
Manny Bianco

Jason Hamilton is an explorer and author, famous for his radical adventures and charming personality. His work has included Mugumbi Dreamtime, a travelogue depicting his explorations in Mugumbi. He has the amazing ability to completely charm anyone who he wants to, simply by talking to them or shaking their hand.

Biography Edit

Jason is very well travelled, being on many trips and adventures to such countries as Venezuela, Mugumbi and Borneo. He is also an experienced writer, and specialises in writing travelogues about his various adventures. In 2004, he was invited to Black Books bookshop to give a talk on his latest book, Mugumbi Dreamtime, where he won everyone over with his charming attitude.

He was particularly attracted to Fran Katzenjammer, who he easily won over after comparing her to the panther-like goddess who the people of Mugumbi worship. He invited her along on an expedition to Borneo, much to the envy of her co-worker, Manny Bianco. However, when he finally gave the talk on his book, he ran off with a girl called Bridget, who he later replaced Fran with on his voyage.

Etymology Edit

  • Jason is a masculine given name of Greek and Hebrew origin, and translates 'healer; salvation of the Lord'. The name may be a reference to Jason Lewis, a self-empowered circumnavigator.
  • Hamilton is a common surname of English and Scottish origin, and roughly translates to 'treeless hill' or 'home'.

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