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Le Vin du Rosier
Object information
  • Vineyard in Bordeaux
  • Vineyard in Sablet


First created


Known ingredients(s)

Grapes grown from the thorn of a rose

  • A trace of vinilla
  • Nutmeg flavoured
  • An oaky finish
"There is a prophecy that grapes grown from the thorn of a rose will make a wine fit for the Holy Father himself"
—The abbott who discovered Le Vin du Rosier

Le Vin du Rosier is a world-renowned strain of superwine, made from grapes grown from the thorn of a rose. This method was first discovered in a monastory in Bordeaux, 1900, when a monk and his abbott found grapes growing from a rose thorn. Over the next century, the method spread to as far a Sablet, but it is presumed that it spread to other parts of France as well.

In 1985, a bottle of Le Vin du Rosier was brewed, and some time after, came into the ownership of Freddie, an experienced wine-collector, who stored it in his wine cellar. He later arranged to present the wine to the Pope in 2000. In the same year, Bernard Black and Manny Bianco volunteered to house-sit for Freddie, and accidently drank the 15-year-old wine. After they had discovered what they had done, the pair decided to recreate the wine using a wine book, and managed to conjure a wine-like liquid. However, the drink turned out to toxic, and the Pope was poisoned with Freddie being held responsible.


  • Le Vin du Rosier translates to Wine of the Rose in French.