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Leslie Girder was a security system installer who installed a high-security door in the bookshop Black Books after a group of youths broke in. He suffers from a severe lisp, and sometimes people find it difficult to understand what he is saying. He also has the amazing ability to calculate the amount of points of entry into a building in a matter of seconds, and is also able to use this ability to gain access into an area.

In 2000, he was hired by Manny Bianco to install a high-security door in Black Books after a group of youths had broken in. This door used an incredibly long password to open, and, as Manny was distracted by a Subbuteo player in Girder's hair, he quickly forgot the password, leading to a night of misery for Bernard Black.

Etymology Edit

  • Leslie is a masculine and feminine given name of Gailic origin and translates to 'garden of hollies', 'grey fortress', or 'garden by the pool'.
  • Girder is a support beam used in construction, possibly a reference to the fact that he is a mechanic.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Leslie Girder was played by British actor and comedian, Nick Frost.
  • Girder's name is never mentioned in the show), however, it is mentioned on the DVD commentary.

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