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Manny Bianco's bedroom
Location information

First floor, Black Books, 13 Little Bevan Street, Bloomsbury, London


Manny Bianco

Permanent Resident(s)

Manny Bianco

Manny Bianco owns a bedroom which is located above the bookshop, Black Books in Bloomsbury, London. It was located on the first floor, next to Bernard Black's room.


Prior Manny Bianco's ownership[]

Before Manny's employment in 2000, Bernard Black used the room as an unoccupied spare room which may have been used if his friend Fran Katzenjammer was staying over.

Manny Bianco's ownership[]

When Manny was hired to work in Black Books in 2000, he was also allowed to move into Bernard's house located behind and above the shop. Somehow, Manny persuaded Bernard to allow him to customise it, and the room now displays Manny's interests in blah blah blah.

In 2004, Manny hastily tidied his room as his parents were coming to stay. He tried stuffing all of his possesions in his wardrobe, however, they would not fit and the wardrobe overflowed, trampling Manny. Manny also allowed his parents to stay in his room while they were at Black Books.


Manny's room is fairly small, with his bed located in the middle and a small window looking out at the street. The room seems to have a Caribbean theme, with small tropical art and statues lining the walls and shelves. There is a jungle statue of a head located in the fireplace and a painting of a harbour located above it.

Although Manny managed to clean up the room in time for the arrival of his parents, it is likely that it was very messy beforehand. He has many possesions, including inflatable toys, traffic cones and beach balls.