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Mary Bianco (more commonly refered to as Moo-Ma) is the mother of Manny Bianco and wife of George Bianco. In 2004, she and her husband were invited to Black Books to visit their son. Although Mary loves her son very much, Manny just wants the best for his mother and father, and occasionally makes things up to try and make them happy.


Mary was persumabley born in the early 20th century and married her husband George in around 1950. She gave birth to their son, Manny, in 1965 and was forced to give up her job to raise him. When Manny was fully grown, however, she was not allowed to return to her original occupation.


Manny Bianco[]

Mary and Manny seem to have a good relationship together, however, Manny is constantly trying to impress his parents and often makes things up just to please them. He once persuaded his parents that Fran was his girlfriend and that he was a partner in Black Books, however, he finally admitted to them that he was lying, to which his parents sympathised with him and said that they loved him for who he truely was. It is suggested that Manny is closer to his mother than his father, as Manny rushes to hug his mother when he saw her, while he and his father greeted each other by tapping each other's back..

George Bianco[]

Like Manny, Mary and her husband love each other very much, however, their sexual relationship has suffered over time. It seems they have a fairly good relationship together, as they share a bed and also complement each other on their appearance.


  • Mary is a feminine given name of Latin origin, and translates to 'star of the sea'.
  • Bianco comes from the seaside town of Bianco in Calabria, Italy, famous for wine producing. This is a reference to Bernard, Manny and Fran's love of wine.
  • Mary's first name is never mentioned in the show, as she is simply referred to as Moo-Ma. However, her first name is mentioned in a deleted scene on the Black Books Series 3 DVD.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Mary Bianco was portrayed by British actress Annette Crosbie.