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Australia (possibly)

Jason: "Someone like you would love Mugumbi."
Fran: " How can you know? I might hate it."
Jason: " I don't think so. They all worship a goddess remarkably like you. A sort of panther-woman. Same pale skin, thick jet hair, slumberous eyes. For a minute, I ... I thought I was back at the temple."
— Jason talks about his experiences in Mugumbi

Mugumbi is a place which was the main subject of Jason Hamilton's travelogue, Mugumbi Dream Time. The natives there worship a panther-like goddess, with jet-black hair, pale skin and slumberous eyes.


  • Mugumbi may be a reference to Mugambi, the chief of the Wagambi of Ugambi in The Beasts of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Mugumbi is not a real place and was created by Dylan Moran purely for the show.
  • Jason Hamilton's book is entitled Mugumbi Dream Time, and as the term 'Dreamtime' is usually associated with the sacred Aboriginal belief of a mystical parallel universe, Mugumbi might be located somewhere in Australia.