Mugumbi Dream Time
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Jason Hamilton


Before or during 2004


Jason Hamilton's adventures in Mugumbi



"I was swept away on a wave of charm"
—One of the blurbs of Mugumbi Dream Time
"I was immolated in a firewall of charm and charisma"
—One of the blurbs of Mugumbi Dream Time
"I almost exploded from the concentration of charm on the page"
—One of the blurbs of Mugumbi Dream Time

Mugumbi Dream Time is a travelogue written by Jason Hamilton, following his adventures in Mugumbi. In his book, Jason writes about his trip to the local temple, where he witnesses the natives worshipping their panther-like goddess. The book was very popular during 2004, so much so that Black Books invited Jason to give a talk on his new book and his future releases.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • As the term 'Dream Time' is usually associated with the sacred Aboriginal belief of a mystical parallel universe, Mugumbi might be located somewhere is Australia.

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