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Exterminator for Golden Bullet Pest Control


Roland is an exterminator who works for Golden Bullet Pest Control and was hired by Bernard Black to assassinate Mr. Benson, a cat landlord. Bernard felt that the cat was charging him to much and plotted to murder him with the help of Roland, an animal-loving exterminator.

Biography Edit

Roland was hired to kill Mr. Benson by Bernard Black as Bernard refused to pay the rent required. When Bernard met Roland, he learned that Roland was unwilling to murder Mr. Benson, as he is a trainee vet and only kills vermin. Bernard soon sees a way around this problem and bribes Roland by £1000 to get the job done. Roland accepts and they both stake out Mr. Benson's flat, armed with a shot gun.

However, both Bernard and Roland soon gets drunk and Roland starts explaining the grief and guilt put upon him by his job. When Mr. Benson does appear, Roland cannot bring himself to pull the trigger and instead jumps out of a window.

It is unknown what happened to Roland after this point, however, by the sounds of his landing, it is likely that he was seriously injured.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Roland was portrayed by British actor Paul Hunter.

Name etymology Edit

  • Roland is a masculine given name of German origin and means 'famous land'. Roland's name is never mentioned in the show, however, it is written on a name tag.

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