The Little Book of Calm
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Paul Wilson




Penguin Books


Tips on how to reduce stress


Manny Bianco

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The Little Book of Calm is a book written by Paul Wilson, used to advise people on how to deal with stressful situations. In 2000, Manny Bianco purchased the book from Black Books in order to deal with the high amount of stress put on him by his job as an accountant. Manny was later seen using the book to calm himself at work, however, he got frightened by his boss and accidently dropped the book into a cup of soup. As the soup was 'extra chunky', Manny didn't notice the book entering his digestive system, however, when he started choking on it, he was rushed to hospital.

There, he was told that the book had become lodged between the small intestine and the pancreas, and if it rotated a centimetre or two to the left, he would be dead in seconds. Despite the odds being against him, Manny survived the night and was told that the book had become absorbed in his system, leaving him incredibly calm.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • All of the extracts read from the book in the show (roll up your sleeves, eat an orange etc.) were written by the writers and are not actual extracts from the book itself.

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